Day 2


Blog 2

Had a bad nights sleep again fell at 11:30 12:00 but woke back up at 3:30ish and couldn’t get back to sleep , so I did a quick vlog.

I finally got back to sleep at 4 and woke back up at 9:00, I tried to ring the doctors again and got an appointment for 4 o’clock…result.

I managed to rest for a bit and relax Watched Shadowhunters before I went I even talked to some one about going to a autism hub on a Monday and Wednesday it sounds amazing.

They do Drama, gaming, chats…sounds awesome and it gave me something to look forward to.

I even felt up to walking to the corner shop.

Then…I, went to the Doctor when I got in I just broke down and told her everything, how I was feeling, what had been going on with the studio.

She wants me to see a councillor and put me on some medication it was to late to ring the councillor up when I got home but I will phone them tomorrow.

I went to Mandarin which was fun, there was only three of us in the class today but we still learned a lot.

Anyway today, even though I have been in a low mood, it’s been a decent day and enjoyable hopefully it goes on to tomorrow.

Right now i have just taken my first tablet in my medication and already i’m feeling sleepy so hope to get a good nights Sleep.


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