day 5


Blog 5

Today I’ve felt good, really, really good I got up with morning and was actually wanting to get up, I almost jumped up.
I got dressed right away I almost skipped up, I went down stairs just as I got down stairs the post man came and my forms for the councillor so I filled them out and posted them right back so hopefully will hear back soon.

I also felt up to walking into town, I got a jacket from Wigan and Leigh hospice shop and then got one of my all time fave films The Dark Crystal.
I also went for some breakfast.

I did have a moment where my head was saying to me “your having a really good day today…” but my heart was saying “Why are you in a good mood? Your not aloud to be in a good mood?”

For once I listened to my head.

Am I not aloud to still be happy? Just because I’m the way I am at the moment am I not aloud days where I can be happy?

I also know the fact i’m seeing Ally and Midnight this weekend is gonna make me happy and all the fun we will have.
They are my rocks they keep me going and I love them both for it, they are amazing and I honesty don’t know what I would do with out them.

I did have a mini melt down in Tesco but no one noticed, I went to do some shopping for mum and I couldn’t remember what it was that she asked for.

So I asked her to text it to me, She couldn’t find her phone but luckily after walking round and round the store I did get all that she asked for.

So today all in all apart from a few blips has been good, maybe I can use today and this weekend has a turning point and start on the path to getting better but I got to remember tiny steps, speed may be key but it never run the race.


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