Day 6


Blog 6

Woke up this morning feeling awful, just what I needed, I managed to drag myself out of bed and have a bath, which, I did feel better for.
I had a moment, where I almost decided not to go but I really wanted to see Midnight and Ally.
In the end I thought screw it, and after a few hiccups I got my dad to bring me to Ally’s.

When I got here Midnight was waiting for me I thought the flood doors would open and I would crack but I was just so happy to see her it felt like these past few days was a bad dream.

We talked for a bit and had a laugh it felt really good, Ally got up, has she had been working the night before we got to spend an hour with her before she went back to work.

We then took Targe (Ally’s dog for a walk) when she went to work and talked about the con tomorrow I’m starting to get that feeling of excitement and I can’t wait.

We made some tea and watched some tv and just hung out, talked about random stuff, and geeky stuff and cool stuff.

To just be with a friend who asks no questions, just knows the right things to say makes it all worth while.

It really is good to just chill and relax no one passing judgement, Midnight and Ally are two of the only people who get me, can make me really smile, they make everything worth while.

I mean I’m sat here With Midnight watching a film writing this while she’s on Facebook but we are still making time to talk to one and other, to make each other smile.
So this weekend for them I’ll try my best to be happy, i’ll smile and laugh and have a awesome weekend.
What next week brings is a whole new story.


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