Day 7


Blog 7

Woke up this morning feeling good, and really looking forward to going to the con it was epic midnight and myself got into Liverpool about 10am and we want across to the echo arena.
We had to cue but it didn’t feel like a long time to wait and the cues wasn’t that bad so my anxiety didn’t start up.

When we got in I stayed close to Midnight so I didn’t get lost or in case I had a melt down, there was a lot of people in there but I was able to handle it.
The actors was awesome and so nice and sweet, I got sung at by one of the actors, and had a photo taken with a speeder from star wars, We also met some other people who was Shadow hunter fans.

I got some things for my mums birthday and bought some poki, a melon drink, melon bread and some things some phoenix copperart.
Midnight took care of me as always.

After the con we got the bus back to Ally’s, we chilled listening to some music and just chatted it’s nice to just spend time with Midnight and Ally.

Ally had to go to work again in the evening so me had midnight ordered Pizza and watched some TV.

I’m here for two more days then I have to go home, but I’m going to enjoy these two more days gonna be fun a relaxing.

While i’m here I feel good, I feel happy and content like I have nothing to worry about.


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