Day 8


Day 8

Woke up this morning at Allys early and i was actually wide awake by the time she got into work.

I had a chat with her and Midnight got up not long afterwards.

We told Ally about what we had done the night before.

Ally took herself off to bed and me and midnight played on the computer before takeing Allys dog for a walk and getting some things for Ally.

Midnight is one of the few people who can get me to go out.

When we got back we made some dinner and talked about things, just random things.

She knows somthing is wrong but she doesn’t push it she knows if i need to talk or wants to i will and i think it makes me respect her even more.

When Ally got up we talked more with her.

Like Midnight she doesn’t push asking whats wrong or up, they never tell me to stop bring silly or grow up.

They are both amazing.


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