Mental health blog day 9


I’m in a good mood today because I get to spend and extra day with Ally and Midnight…woohoo…this makes a happy Heather.

We hung out for a little bit talking and just laughing and thinks that friends do, I did need to go for a walk because I got a headache but i think it was just because I was so warm.

We took Ally’s dog for a walk in some words which give me and Midnight ideas for some stories and TV shows/films we have watched in the past.
Then when we got back Midnight asked about the mental health videos i had been posting on YouTube, and I felt that knot of worry, of fear, I told her how i have been feeling lately with the help of Ally and she understood.

No questions, no judgement, no mocking just understand and compassion from both Ally and Midnight.

This is why I love them both it was is why, oh, ok so what are we doing now? I know that may sound like they don’t care but i guess who had to have been in the room to get the full feeling.

Afterwards Ally Made me a sandwich and we watched Doctor Strange, it was just a great night we just laughed and talked and giggled and took photos.
I’m not looking forward to going home tomorrow, well no I am, I’m just gonna miss them both.

I know I’ll see Midnight in two weeks but not sure when I will see Ally, These two girls make me life worth while and wonderful and amazing I don’t know what I would do with out them.


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