mental health blog day 12


Well today is Saint Patrick’s day a day, I woke up at about 09:30 but only got up at 10:30, I just lay in bed for an hour, I did watch some TV I just wasn’t feeling it.

I really look forward to and enjoy St Pats but this year…I just wasn’t feeling it, I had got my heart set on going to the Irish centre in Manchester but when i got up my dad was still in his PJ’s and when I asked mum she said she didn’t think he would take me, which upset me.

I didn’t let them see I was upset because then I would just have been told to stop being soft and to stop being silly, they just don’t get it that when i’m upset it’s not that I’m being Silly or childish I am upset for a reason.

I did consider going back into Manchester to the market but I didn’t know how I would get on with all the people i started to panic and find it hard to breath.

My dad did take me to the Irish centre although he didn’t come in It would have been nice if he did.

Where the singer was there was to many people so I didn’t stay there too long, I watched her do a few songs and then went in to the cafe area and had a rock shandy, which I love shame we can’t get it any where over in supermarkets.  Tesco did use to sell it but they stopped.

Away from the crowds it was a lot better I was a lot more relaxed and was able to enjoy myself more and take in the feel of St Pats day, although nothing beats being in Ireland for St Pats day.

When I got home me and mum finished off making the coddle which was tastily, all in all after the stress of this morning it turned out to be a good day in the end.


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