Mental health Blog day 16

Woke up this morning feeling sick as a dog and all in all not great but i dragged my ass out of bed because I knew i had to get to the counsellor, I got myself dressed then my dad took me to the doctors.
I met the counsellor who seemed really nice and understanding she jut asked me some basic questions and then give me a date to go back where we will have longer sessions for 7 weeks give or take.

Afterwards I just relaxed and started to feel a bit better, I think it’s because I know now that things are moving and i’m getting help.
I know I have a long way to go and it’s not granted to work it could make me worse but to just pin down why i’m feeling the way I am it’s something.

I went to Mandarin for the last time till September which was sad has I like Ivy my teacher and we don’t know  if there will be enough people in the class for the class to run next term.

All in all though I may have woken up feeling under the weather but today hasn’t been bad it’s been good for the first time in weeks I have felt OK.
Seeing the counsellor is like a weight off, and of course it’s not a case if woohoo I’m all better because I know it’s not.
I could wake up tomorrow and feel like I’ve been hit by a truck or I can get up tomorrow skipping and jumping but by night time feel like crying my eyes out again.

I’m hoping that tomorrow I have a good day but I’m taking each day has it comes.


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