Mental health blog 18

Today has been the worst day so far, I didn’t want to get up I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep I spent all day in my room just laying on my bed I felt so numb.

I am finding it hard to talk and write at the moment it’s getting harder to write and talk I just wish I could find the words it’s getting so hard to find the words.
I went in to Wigan to take one of the laptops to be looked at and Tesco but that’s all.

I Just spend spent all evening in my room I’ve just wanted the day to end and just wanted to sleep I had a cry because my dad got under my skin I just wanted to scream and shout and break something and punch a wall.
Just cause myself some pain just to show I can still fell that something still hurts, I also wanted to try and do something that made me happy again.

I’m meant to be going to GPW tomorrow but I don’t even feel like going to that tomorrow but I’m going because Bry is on the show and i wanna be there to cheer her on, I am so proud of her.

I want to at least be happy for her tomorrow and people don’t think I’m mad.


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