Mental Health blog day 20

So, today has been decent, I’ve been in a OK mood, I’ve been happy, and just been fine.  I had a restless night sleep tossing and turning but other than that…because of that I did wake up at 12:30 but I didn’t have anything planed.

I’ve just relaxed today and chilled it’s been peaceful and quiet and just nice.  No panic attacks or anything like that, i just chilled out i even felt up to playing undertale, i love computer games but lately I haven’t been in the right mind set, I’ve not even been in the right mindset to read.
I’ve not even touched my ps3 but today I spent a good hour just playing and it felt nice it took my mind off things, how I have been feeling and that was brilliant.

However saying that it still feels like a dream and it feels like I will wake up any moment and the darkness will be back.
That’s what scares me, I am worried about something because I got told that I need to change my doctors so I now I have to start all over and I did have a appointment to see the doctor on Tuesday so I don’t know if it will affect that, luckily it doesn’t effect my councillor so that’s great.

Anyway today is a short one because to be honest I’ve not had much to talk about just that today hasn’t been to bad i’m taking each day has it comes and hopefully tomorrow will be much more of the same.


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