Mental Health blog day 21

It seems like all i’m starting these blogs off with “today as been a bad day…today has sucked…to day was really bad…”
Right now however every day seems to be down hill I climb a little bit and I can see happiness but then I fall down and it’s out of reach.

I know people have worst things than me and I should be happy for what I have, but it’s so hard right now.
My head hurts, my chest hurts, my heart hurts, everything hurts.  I feel like i’m out of my body and i’m screaming at my self to smile to laugh but all I wanted to do was stay in my room.

I only woke up at 2:30 I had a restless sleep again, Mum called me down cow Uncle came round but while I was sat down there I just felt like I was watching mum, dad and Uncle on TV like they wasn’t real or like I wasn’t really in the room with them.
I tried to laugh at the right moments when people told jokes or smiled when people talk tried to put my mask on but even now, that’s not working.
I wish  new what would work, I had a walk round to the shop but I felt nothing no warmth from the sun, no breeze from the wind just…nothing.

I am trying I really am but it is so hard.


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