Mental health blog day 22

So, I thought this blog would start off like every other…today has been awful, today has been so bad, today I felt bad, and yes, that is how today started.
I got up feeling low and still bad from yesterday and just all in all not great.  I didn’t feel like going any way or doing anything but, I had promised my uncle I would go up to his and give him a hand with some things has he is having some work done on his house to make it easier for him to get around his house.
I checked my phone and saw I had a reminder txt from the doctors I told mum and explained how i was worried about having to change the doctor.
She said I hadn’t to because the doctors still had to let me have that appointment and i had a month to find a new doctors which give me some peace of mind.

When I got there he wasn’t excepting me today he was thinking Thursday, which I did think so to but mum had said today, but to be honest I didn’t really mind has i like spending time with my Uncle and plus it was a change.
We walked up to a lake I used to go to has a kid and took his little dog for a walk round it, it was nice has it has been  a long time since I had been there and bought back a lot of happy memory’s of my childhood.
We would always spend time up at the lake and it was nice it revisit that part of my childhood.

We got back to his finished off some work by that time Mum came to pick me up to take me to a autism group I had found out about and wanted to go to for a long time.

For the first meeting I like my mum or someone to tag along just till I feel comfortable, I fitted in right away.
One guy asked me to play pool with him right off the go, and then some of the group asked me to play computer games with them.
They made me feel so welcome it was awesome I just fitted right in, it was amazing, I didn’t talk much but the guy who ran it talked to my mum and explained to her why I do things with my hands and legs and she seemed to get it, it give her a real understanding of why I do the things I do and it’s not just me saying “it’s because I’m autistic!”
The group is amazing and I think I’m really going to enjoy it they invited me to a event tomorrow talking to people from different health sectors, government posts and other areas.
The best out come though was the guy who runs the group offered me a job to run a second group…crazy I know…but it was some thing I had wanted to do since I was 17-18 and now…when i’m at my lowest this dude just comes in like a angel or something and says “here you go, a life line” like wow.
I keep telling myself “come on Heather get real…this can’t be happening…” I’ve been let down in the past and i’m telling myself i’m getting my hopes up but still is this the light I’ve been waiting for?



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