Mental health blog day 23

Apart from a bad nights sleep last night, today has been amazing.  I went back to the doctors and she has upped my medication from 50mg to 100mg, they still haven’t really confirmed what it can be i just got told “give the meds time to work, go out for  a walk and it will help”
Which of course I do, but it doesn’t help because my anxiety kicks in so it’s a lose, lose I don’t go out…I’m not listening to the doctors…I go out on my own with out some one with me I run the risk of a panic attack or freaking out so I can’t win.

To be honest though, not even that could get me down today I got to help at the autism event and met a few more people from the group who wasn’t there last night.
I even got invited to a open mic night and a writing group so I seem to be fitting in really well and the people there seem to like me.
I also got invited to a second event tomorrow where I will get to talk to more people about getting voices heard.
I also met the guy who will be the head of the group i’m helping out at and he seems nice and level headed so hopefully lots of good things from here on on that score.

I was doing to go to the open mic tonight but I was so tried I just wanted to rest when I got in so just had a quiet night.
I promised myself I will go next week no matter what, I don’t know If I will be ready to get back on stage but i’m gonna give it one hella of a shot.


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