Mental health blog day 24

Today has been great, I’ve felt like me again and just felt happy and content I’ve not had any negative thoughts at all.
My sleep pattern is all over the place and my routine is still out of sync but i’m getting there, that’s why the blogs have been later being posted I’m still trying to get my routine back.

I almost overslept for a meeting my sleep pattern is that all over the shop, I jumped up at 9:10 and ran down stairs before I knew it I was dressed and out the door and on my way to the meeting.
I got there just in the nick of time the meeting was interesting, we talked about how the can make Wigan a more autistic friendly place, there was myself, Dawn, Arron, Dave, Darrel and few others whose names i’m still not 100% sure of yet.
The people who was running the meeting seemed to listen to us and take in what we was saying and listened to our points of view on good and bad experiences.

After that I went to see a friend who was really upset and it’s not like them to be upset I’m not going to name them or anything because you never know who might read this, but, they told me that people had been upsetting them and not listening to their wishes.
It made me so angry because I can’t do anything to help with out causing more trouble for them, I can just do my best to be there for them but I hate seeing them so down and low that’s when i find it hard, I want to help them but I can’t, they shouldn’t be in this spot.

After I finished seeing my friend I went for a second meeting where my and Arron started coming up with ideas for the group we are going to be working with we have so many ideas but it’s just getting them all going.

One really cool thing was I got a new video camera for making my youtube videos it is so cool!  My videos are a lot better quality now hopefully it will start bringing more people to the channel.

I do feel bad though because I feel like i’m getting better and i’m going to see the councillor next week and she’ll think”…there is nothing wrong with this girl?! She’s wasting my time!”


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