Mental Health Blog day 25

I don’t do mornings…not at all…I didn’t get sleep until 2:00am maybe later because my phone was acting up and I tried to fix it, in the end I don’t know if i fixed it or it fixed it’s self but seems to be working alright now, thank goodness.
I had told myself I was going to have a early night because I had to be up at 8 for get to a school for 9, did I say I don’t do mornings?

I managed to get up in time, only just, because I don’t do mornings. My dad gave me a lift to the school, I thought it was going to be a high school but it was a primary school which gave the reason why I was there the awwww factor.
It was a school for kids with special needs and they had designed a logo to go on training packs the people working with people with autism.
All the kids was so sweet and adorable, and the kid who won was so made up.

Afterwards I went into town for some lunch and then went up to my uncles to help him pack some things up, and he had offered to make me tea and one thing every one needs to know about my uncle is he makes kick ass food.

I talked to my friend who I posted about yesterday and they seem much better they told me they are ok and haven’t been upset today.
I do feel I bit of a fake at the moment however, I’ve not felt bad since Monday, Since Monday the cloud has gone, I’ve felt happy, like what it going on?
Was it all in my head? Has the black dog just decided to give me a few days off or is this what life is like now? Some days good some not? I am still taking my medication and still going to the counsellor on Tuesday, but right now, today I feel OK, I feel good.


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