Mental Health Blog day 26

I woke up this morning feeling strange, it felt like my arms and legs was made of Jelly,  I felt so weak my hands was shaking, it felt some one was sending tiny shocks.
Mum was going for a eye test with dad so I went and sat down stairs for a bit.
When Mum and dad came back I went into Town for a walk.

I got a few things for making my videos I bumped into Danielle my foster sister and had a chat with her.
While I was in town I did have a moment where I felt like I have no right to be happy like i’m fake for being out, like I shouldn’t be out, like I was wrong.

When I got back home I did some videos and then me and mum went for a walk, I felt great all day.
Around 7 I started to feel sad again, it felt like I had a switch I felt like I was out of my body, like the world was a TV show now or i’m walking in a dream.
I have three days left of my 50mg tablets and then I start on my 100mg hopefully once I start on my 100mg I will start to feel better and then once I start seeing the Councillor   I will start feeling much better.


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