mental health blog day 29

Today has been good, I’ve felt a lot better than I did yesterday, I have felt very detached like everything is a TV show and i’m watching it on screen, but other than that I’ve felt good.
I talked to Midnight about her coming over the the weekend which I am really looking forward to I can’t wait for her to come over.

I did stay in this morning well to be honest I had nothing to go out for, I went to the shop to get something for tea but other than that, I didn’t have anywhere else ti go or anything else to do.

I did go back to the autistic hub which was awesome I played pool with one of the guys and then a game with some of the others.
I did talk to the guy who runs the hub about one of the flats they have but, I’ve decided not to go for one.
I’m not aloud to have people stay over, so I don’t think I will go for one because I would like to have Midnight and Ally over once in a while or other people and I would have to be in by a set time, so wouldn’t be able to go to wrestling any more or conventions.
I would also not be able to go to Ally’s or Midnight’s anymore and I don’t think that would be good for me.

They keep me level headed and grounded they have been there for me so much and I would never give them up, they are more important to me.


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