Mental health blog day 30

I saw my counsellor today she was really nice, she really listened to me and talked to me nicely, She seems to understand how I am feeling and although she didn’t say this is what is going on I feel like i’m getting answers.
We talked about what made me feel the way I am and how I feel, I know it’s going to take time but I feel like i’m on the right wood.
She said that it’s good that I’m getting out and still doing things like going to the group on the Monday.

When I got back I  went for a walk with mum and then stayed up in my room just tidying it up for when Midnight comes at the weekend which I’m looking forward to that it’s going to be good to see her and goes to Wales comic con, I’m meeting her in Manchester then we planning a few things.

I also started my new tablets and they don’t make me feel any different, I don’t mean that has in ‘i’m better now’ I just mean that what i started taking the 50mg I zoned out and my face felt strange but I feel fine.
Hopefully I will get a good nights sleep tonight, but today, it’s been good I’ve felt OK and am looking forward to the weekend.


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