Mental Health blog day 31

I had a really good night sleep last night, I woke up feeling good, like really, really good for the first time since i was last with Ally and Midnight I felt really, really happy.
I went to pick my friend Hayley up from her house.

We went into town we went for a meal and then we just had a walk round I got a light to help me relax.
Like I say I have felt really good today, things have felt great, I still felt like i’m in a dream world, walking in a daze and like i’m watching the world on TV but in black and white.
for a few moments everything seemed to brighten up but everything soon returned to black and white, but…I haven’t felt cold or felt like crying or screaming.

Hopefully I am on the way to finding myself again and finding my smile again, Midnight is coming down in a few days which i am really looking forward to.
We have been planing videos and other fun things and I know her being here will make me feel much better.
I know I am putting a lot on her to make me better but i know having her here will help I just hope that this feeling of happiness lasts for the next few days and I don’t go down hill again once she has gone.


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