Mental Health blog day 32

For the first time in a while, i am finding it hard to write something not because i’m feeling bad or anything like that but…i just have nothing to say.
I haven’t felt good…I haven’t fest bad just meh…I’ve just felt fine, OK, I get If i could sum up how I felt It’s robotic like a robot maniacal in  away.

I think even though I’ve not felt good or bad that’s part of the problem life has become so robotic, I get up, I do YouTube videos, I try to take pictures for my photography website, eat, go to bed, repeat the next day, I think that’s why Monday are so good because it’s something new, but, how long till that gets the same?
I think it’s also one of the reasons i’m looking forward to Midnight coming over, it’s something different yeah i’m still at home but at least I will have someone who will talk to me.

I tided my room I still have a little bit to do but will get it all finished tomorrow it shouldn’t take me to long and then the madness at the weekend will start I’m really looking forward to Midnight coming over just a few days of being out the black hole and not having the black dog on my tale will be a dream.


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