Mental Health blog day 33

Today has been really good, I’ve been really positive I think it’s because Midnight is coming tomorrow.
She’s coming at 4 her dad’s bringing her, we are planning on going to watch beauty and the beast at the local cinema and maybe going for a meal.
I really can’t wait for her to come over it’s going to be a awesome time, she’s staying till Monday so Sunday we have Wales comic con and then not sure what we are doing Sunday night.

Knowing she is coming has picked me up, I feel really good she put me at ease and at rest, she can make me smile and I don’t feel bad when I am with her she just has a good inference on me.

My mind is feeling good and relaxed I just feel so happy right now, I know Monday I will be sad because Midnight would have gone home but still I’ll take any happiness I can right now.

The world still feels like i’m watching a TV show but today is has felt less robotic.


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