Mental Health blog day 34

Today had been stressful…good…but stressful, we had to get the the rest of the tidying up done before Midnight came so we rushing around trying to get it all finished by the time she got here i had a banging head.

We did go out though we went in to town for a coffee and then has a walk round town and then we went to watch beauty and the beast which was amazing we loved it afterwards we went to a supermarket and just chatted for a bit.

When we got back we ordered pizza and just hung out chating and laughing it feels good to laugh and just all in all not worry about anything just to be able to relax and chill out and feel whole again is amazing.

I know that on Monday when she has to go I will be low for a few days and that’s the part i’m not looking forward to because I know the Darkness will come down hard on me and that’s the part I’m not looking forward to.


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