Mental Health Blog day 35

Today has been amazing I had a really time at Wales comic con we set off at 8:20 we stopped to put diesel in the car, dad managed to confuse me which did make me panic and i had a slight panic when I checked my bank I didn’t have has much has I thought but everything worked out in the end.

When we got to the con we had about an hour and half wait before we got in the con, but it went very quick, we talked to a really nice helper, I had applied for access due to my autism but had forgot my paperwork.
The guy said not to worry if I needed help to come and find him and he would help me out should I need it, luckily I didn’t I was fine it did get a tiny bit busy in the dealers room but nothing that I couldn’t really handle.

I got to talk to some of my favourite actors, two of which remembered me…still not sure if that’s A good thing or not.
When we finished at the con me and Midnight went to a bar across the road while we waited for our lift home we only had soft drink me and Midnight are not really big drinkers or people to get drunk.

When we got home we chilled, hung out and did some videos, i’m going to be sad when she goes home tomorrow but to she will be back in two weeks yeah


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