Mental Health Blog day 37

Got up today feeling a bit blah, bit groggy, I went to see the Councillor she is happy with my progress and says I seem to be handling my mental health well and trying to find ways to battle the depression.
Which made me feel really good but i’m still not all there yet but it helped me.

I then just chilled for a bit, I had a walk down to the shop, but all day I have just felt really detached from the world like i’m watching the world via a TV screen or in a waking dream.
When I was walking down to the shop and I saw Trisha, which caused me to have a mini panic attack, right now talking about her my stomach is going into knots.
I am trying to stop feeling like this because it’s getting boring now and I just want to be back to me is that too much to ask?

I’m still missing Midnight although I when I woke up this morning there was a message waiting for me from her saying Michelle one of our other friends said I can got to hers for a bbq on Saturday so that means I will be seeing her sooner than I thought.


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