Mental Health Blog day 39

Today started off well I got up in a really great shape of mind, felt really positive, even felt up to playing on my PS3 for a bit.
Me and mum talked about going into town for me to get some things for forsaken, a shadowhunter con i’m going to next week.
She agreed to come with me has she knows one of the shops I wanted to go to I would find it hard to deal with all the people in there.

So after dinner she got dad to take us it to town and he said he would wait on the the car park.
He dropped us off, me and mum went into the shop and picked up a few things my plan was to get a new case but there was none that looked like they would work has i am after a hard shell case so gonna have to keep looking.

After I had done what I wanted we met back up with dad to do some food shopping, he told us we had an hour before he had to leave has the car park was only two hours wait.
We said that’s fine we wouldn’t be that long.

We did what we needed to Mum keeping a eye on the time, when we had finished we walked out of the supermarket and went to look for dad.
Only…there was no Dad, he had gone home with out us, we managed to get hold of him has we didn’t have our phones with us.
He said that he had, had to go because we had stayed in to long, we told my dad we was out before he had to leave which he shouted that we hadn’t of course he was right and me and mum was wrong.

We got a taxi home and I just went upstairs without speaking to him, I played undertale for a bit and then stopped to do my vlog for my youtube channel only to have my camera tell me i needed to format my memory card, so…i lost the start of the video and a load of photos.

What started off has a good day turned into a really bad one, role on Saturday and next week.


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