Mental Health blog day 40

Today although I have felt good, I’ve also felt out of sync the world has been in black and white again and the world has sounded quiet or muffled if anything.
I didn’t want to go out at all I’ve just been in my room all day not wanting to go out, however, if i’m honest that was also down to the weather not just my brain.

Me and mum did go to my foster sister Danielle’s for our tea and i played with Ethan my foster nephew he is a cheeky monkey but adorable.
He did put a smile on my face and build my energy back up, Danielle is due to have a little girl next month so next month I will also have a foster niece also so I may not have any blood brothers or sisters but I have extended family in that respect.

She made us a really nice tea and although I felt a bit out of sorts i’m glad I went and I feel better for going.


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