mental health blog day 42

Happy Easter everyone…even though it’s coming an end here in the UK, today has been good, Quiet but good.
Had a very chilled day, to be honest I’ve not really got that much to write about, but still.
I got a lot of eggs enough to get me though the week when i get in the need for chocolate he he.

A few things that Michelle did say to me yesterday keep running over in my mind, i’m going to start meditating in the morning when I get up and just before I go to bed see if that helps.
Also even though i’m still taking my tabs i’m worried now with what Michelle told me about them.
One thing she did say is they can block your writing and looking back over these blogs I have noticed they have gotten shorter and shorter so my goal is by Friday to write longer blogs and my YouTube videos aren’t has good, not that they was great before, but they lack heart at the moment and i’m making silly mistakes when editing.

Each week i’m gonna set myself goals i.e writing a longer blog, make a long video, go back to the open mic evenings, walk into Wigan and back every day even if it’s just to the poundshop to grab a drink, or to a bookshop, Or DVD shop just to keep pushing myself so i’m not just sat up in my room on days when I’ve nothing on.
I will beat this and after yesterday I can see light at the end of the tunnel I have hope again and i’m not going to let the black dog get me.


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