mental health blog day 44

Today has been good, I woke up this morning feeling a little bit groggily and a bit light headed and dizzy but once I opened the bedroom window I felt a bit better.
I called the Doctors and was able to get a appointment with them to see one of the Doctors just before I had to go and see the Councillor.
I thought great two birds one stone, I got changed and dad took me to the doctors.

My appointment was at 11:20 and the appointment with the appointment with the councillor was at 12:00.
I got to the Doctors at 11:05 at 11:50 I was still waiting to see the Doctor, I got in a few moments later.
The doctor agreed to change my meds and then he wanted to take my blood pressure when he took it and he said it as high, If I was the kind of person I would have turned round and said “well i’ve been sat out there for close to an hour…” but i just smiled and nodded.
I then darted across to the councillor luckily they was in the same building and i did get out just in time for the councillor, she seems happy with my progress that i’m pushing myself.

When I got home I went into town again to get some things for breakfasts this week has i need to take my new meds with food.

When I got back i did some videos and spent time with Uncle who is staying tonight, Hopefully the new meds will work more than the ones I’ve been taking.


2 thoughts on “mental health blog day 44

  1. I found your blog and I am so glad I did … I also write about healing and PTSD and I write about my therapy sessions .. I love connecting with others who are on the same journey I am on . . . . I look forward to connecting … feel free to follow me as well.. I look forward to reading more of your blog

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