Mental Health Blog day 45

Today has been a mixed day, I got up feeling groggy after a night of strange  dreams about people from my past.
In the dream they kept putting me down telling me I was a bad person, I was worthless and just putting me down.
I knew it was just a dream and they couldn’t hurt me any more.

I went to see my friend Hayley, and I did feel much better after spending the day with her  we went for a bit of lunch and had a walk round town, I got a DVD and some bubble bath and shower gel.

When I got home my uncle was here again he is staying again tonight has they haven’t sorted the issues out at his house yet.
Then my mood did take a drop I was looking some photo Id that I need for the week end and couldn’t find them anywhere and no one else knows where it is.
I’m just hoping it doesn’t stop me going in to the con, i’m praying it doesn’t I do have a idea that I’m going to try tomorrow.

I just got to keep telling myself that Midnight is coming tomorrow and we are going to have a great weekend no matter what.


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