Mental health blog day 48

Just want to start this blog by saying i’m sorry for the tardiness but with me being away things get pushed back or finding the time to sit down and write something, I need to learn to sit down during breaks while i’m away and do the blog, but doing blogs is new to me.
I had planned coming up at 11:30 but seeing has I only went to the party at 10.00 after having computer trouble…….I ended up staying longer than expected but all in all it was an amazing night.

To be honest, the day has been great, i seem to have some fire back I asked the guest questions and during the autographs I was asked by one of the guests if they could give me a hug.
I was like of course but shouldn’t I ask you for a hug to which he laughed and give me a big hug.

After that everything was going well until a friend smashed her phones screen by accident I felt so bad for her I went and give her a hug and there was no depersonalization I just felt empathy and compassion for her and the need to make everything ok.

Maybe I’ve turned a corner maybe i’m on track to be better.


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