Mental Health blog day 50

Well…so much for back on track, i’m still on con time uploading this half an hour, if I am late again this week posting I’ll take a punishment within reason of course.
Today i’m mixed, when I got up Midnight said her dad was picking her up 11:30ish we chilled for a bit and talked about stuff as always I am so sad to see her go, i’m already counting down the days till I see her again lol any one reading this would think I was in love with her, and that’s it i’m not, Yeah I love her, but i’m not IN love with her in the romantic way, if that makes sense.
I’m just counting down to out trip to Scotland it’ll be here before i know it.

I got a reply from the Hotel over the bags and they are going to look into it, I also worked out how to do live streaming on YouTube so was in a really good mood.
I went to the autistic hub and boom black cloud, darkness, loss, depression, feeling like i was in a dream i spent most of the night sitting on my own.
Michelle who also has autism asked me to sit and have a brew with her and then Arron played pool and a few other games.

The company was great and the evening was fun but…yeah…also when i got home i felt hay-fever saying “hello” and my ear starting to hurt.
I think I’m getting my yearly my ear is going to start  hurting me.

i think what I am going to do with them blogs is move them to 11pm then it’s less of a rush as i’m going to start going live on youtube and facebook from 10 please feel free to join me there any time I do blogs about my mental health and just random vids some of them you wouldn’t even think there was anything wrong with me just shows that sometimes we all wear a mask.


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