mental health day

well back from an amazing week end in London, it was the best con I have been to in a long time the guest was awesome and everything as brilliant.
I was asked by the guests could the give me a hug i just nodded saying shouldn’t I be asking you that?

How ever there was a problem that caused me to have a really, really bad melt down worst one i have had in a long time.
when me and midnight’s put our bags in the lock up room we was only given one ticket being told that we would only need the one ticket to get our bags.
When i went to collect our bags I was told I wasn’t allowed to take them because i only had one ticket.
I tried to explain that i was told i would only need one ticket but the guy wouldn’t allow me to take my back, he would let me take Midnights but not mine.
In the end it was sorted but still a real downer on a great weekend.

There has been other issues, not with me, but i want to get permission before i post anything about that but it’s why this blog is so late but…normal service will return tomorrow vlogs and blogs posted at 10pm.


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