Mental health blog day 51

I’m feeling strange today, I got up feeling great this morning I felt good, I went to see my counsellor and she was happy with my progress and that i’m self helping myself and trying to make myself better.
We talked about the weekend and the ways i’m trying to help myself get better she loved some of the ideas I have, such has, after Scotland i’m gonna try to A: go to a self catering holiday park and stay in there and try and do everything for my self, or if i can’t find a camp go to a holiday apartment, just a place where i have to teach myself how to cook, clean etc i might ask midnight to come because she would still let me have my own independence but at the same time not nag or moan at me.
We talked about Danielle and Ethan and you know what, i’d forgotten how much Danielle means to me.
That’s something that i’m going to add going to see her to my to do list.

Then when I got home I was editing videos and went into dream state again I don’t remember anything after 2:30.

Emotionally i’m feeling great but it’s just this switch I need to get right in my head and that I can blow the clouds away.


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