Mental health blog day 52

Today has been great, I had an amazing day it was really chilled.  I went to pick my friend Hayley up and then we went into Warrington.
We finally got there, after all the times we tried but due to bad weather, money…We managed to go.

We went for some dinner first then got the train I was worried a little has the train was crowded and I wasn’t 100% sure of how to get from the Train station in the centre but i had no need to worry it was pretty easy.

We had a awesome time we chilled out and had a laugh and walked round the shops, it was a really nice day.

When I got home thought I did want to chuck my laptop out the window has I had been trying to edit a and render a video for two days….but I counted to 10 and thought that best way to do it was to break it down into different parts which, defeated the object of hat I was trying to do but it done, well part one is at least.

I have to go to the Doctors tomorrow for a meds check emotionally I feel a hella lot better and on my videos I seem really happy again but still i’m not there yet, i just have to get my head right and back on a winning path.


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