Mental Health Blog day 54

today has been a bit of a grey day it’s not been great but not been bad, I rang ESA up to see if I could apply for some money from them.
They went over things with my mum and and me i then went back up to the doctors because they said I need a sick note.

While I was at the Doctors I went to the library to try sort out some books i had lost and when i asked how much i owed was told £91 but i would only have to pay £40, which floored me.
I was hoping mum would pay be back some money she owed me after saying wednesday she would pay be back Thursday, and then telling me Thursday she would pay be back today…Today whe told me she would pay me back tomorrow only to be told…she has no money.
So any bills I need to pay I can’t and I can’t do anything I planed which sucks.
So for the last half an hour be counting to ten to stop myself from crying or screaming.

On the upside the hotel got back in touch with me and told me that the matter from last week and the bags has been dealt with so that’s one less worry.

Hopefully tomorrow is better and i feel a bit more relaxed and chilled.


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