mental health blog day 55

Todays been ok, I didn’t wake up till 1:30 and did have strange dreams last night i’ve not had strange dreams for a while.
I had a walk to town just to clear my head a little bit blow the cobwebs away.
Only when I got there i realised i had left my card at home which sucked has i had seen a dvd and a few books I wanted to get.

I rang mum up to see if she had seen it or see if I had left it in my room in a jacket I had on yesterday and then asked her  to phone me back if i had and if I had could she get my dad to bring in to me has she had asked me to get her some things.
I remembered I did have some points on my supermarket card so thought I would be doing the right thing and use them to get the things for her with that.
She didn’t ring back so I rang her to tell her but she made me feel like i was in the wrong.

After Tea I had a walk to the shop and the world seemed quiet, it seemed so deathly quiet like a zombie film/TV show which seeing has i don’t like zombie stuff…was strange.
I just chilled rest of the evening being quiet.


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