Mental health blog day 56

Today has been meh, not been happy not been sad just meh, and all though I have had no get up and go.
I’ve been…OK…I don’t know what’s going on with my head I feel like I wanna cry and scream but at the same time laugh my socks off or laugh until I cry, Makes no seance.

Me and mum went for a walk which was good and then uncle came down for tea which was cool.
I also talked to midnight a little about Scotland and our next cosplay which we haven’t set in stone, it’s more or likely shadow hunters because it’s cheap and easy and fun.

I showed my uncle some of the games on the PS3 he couldn’t get over the graphics and how good they are compared to when he played games.

I then just did a video on YouTube, Facebook and you now which was a new experience I think I’m going to start using that also to talk about my expriances, I also think I’m going to use periscope again see if that helps.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow has i’m heading the the circus with mum and my foster nephew Ethan so that should be cool.


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