mental health blog day 56

Today hasn’t been great, not been my best been in a really low phase.  I got about two hours sleep last night and woke up at 6am only to fall back asleep.
Next thing I know is my mum is shouting at me saying it’s 1.30 and it was two late to take Ethan my foster nephew to the circus.
So I jumped up and ran to get dressed, I thought OK keep it together, I was dressed in two seconds I planed out in my head “OK don’t panic i’ll take him on my own, get the bus, from Danielle’s to the circus I can do it.”
I went on line to look at booking tickets only to find they wasn’t 5.99 all seats like it said on the posters but 16.95.
Well that was it i just cried and cried because if i hadn’t overslept I could have sorted something else out like a ride on a train some where or something like that.
It didn’t help having my mum behind me saying “stop being stupid, your just being stupid now…”

We did go up to Danielle’s to see her and Ethan, who relentlessly jumped on me and just made me laugh which made me feel tons better and put a smile on my face.

I also had a really good chat with Midnight who give me some ideas to help me calm down and relax colouring or making things with playdoh.
I gotta nip into town tomorrow so I thinks that’s what i’m gonna do, grab a colouring book, pencils, playdoh and see if i can’t make some things.


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