mental health blog day 58

today has been amazing, I’ve felt really, really good, like me, like i was just waking up and the past few weeks had been a bad dream.
I went out with my friend Hayley we went for some lunch and had a walk round town, i even had a spring in my step.
I’ve looked at some classes to join, both online and at community centers, i’m even looking for some where to show my photos in the new year, today i feel like i can see the sun for the first time.

I’m thinking of getting a second dog, and training them has a support dog, i’m even looking at getting a pair of love birds.

Only down side was…we had a crash… after we dropped hayley back off at home me and my dad was heading home, when we was in slow traffic a car ran into the back of us.
Everyone was fine in a little bit of shock but other wish OK, the other driver admitted it was his fault right away has he got distracted.
Any way around 8:30 there was a knock at the door a guy had run into the side of the car.
Today even though it has been awesome…has also been so unluckly.


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