Mental health blog

Each day seems to be getting better and better, and each day I feel like I’m winning
Today I went into Wigan had a walk round and then ended up moving my room around which was a bad idea has now I am sore.

I have also heard that I have been accepted for ESA so that is a huge wight of my mind, I’m looking at going back to college or even Uni in the future.
I wanna do something with my writing or drama hell maybe even something to do with history.
Right now if you was to say “hey Heather, wanna sign back up at college?” I would say “nope thank you very much”
But August time…who knows…we’ll just have to wait and see.

Tomorrow i’m going back to Warrington to get Ally’s Birthday present I’m also going to nip into the museum there and give it a look.

I’m still taking each day has it comes it’s like a rollercoster right now one day I could be great next i’m rock bottom but I’m able to see a light.


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