mental health blog day 61

Today had been really good, I went back to Warrington for the day and bought one of my friends a birthday present.
When I got to Warrington I had a tiny panic attack because I got a little lost but I did find a place I had been looking for the last time I went and one I got there I was able to find my way back to where I was going.

I had a walk round the market again, bought my friends present, went to MacDonald’s for my dinner, went to a little park I and then went to the museum.

The museum is a little gem, it is awesome but there is something really strange there hahaha.
I had a chat with Michelle and Midnight afterwards and me and Midnight talked about Scotland and the Cons we are going to.

Right now I feel in a good place I am considering trying to cut my meds down to one a day but we’ll see how it goes, I know that today I might feel great but tomorrow…


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