Mental health blog day 66

Today I’ve had a lot of fun I went for my weekly outing with my friend Hayley.  We went into town, we went for some lunch We had a walk round and then went for a coffee, we we ended up having a milkshake.

I did have a mini heart attack has i bought some DVDs and I left them in the coffee shop i freaked out a little but one I found them I was fine.

After I came home I made a start on packing which…I will more or likely need to finish in the morning which will be a little stressful, but I’m getting to see my alpha and parabatai tomorrow, my two best friends, my two soul sisters.

It seems like ages since I’ve seen them, it’s a month since I’ve seen Ally and even though it’s two weeks since I saw Midnight it feels like longer.

I’m really looking forward to seeing them., I also worked on a few youtube videos if any one is interested in watching my vlogs feel free to



Author: heathersharpemymentalhealthblog

i'm just a autistic, Asexual, fangirl, all round geek who is battling the black dog now

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