Mental health blog day 67

Today started off being stressful, I thought my dad was taking me to Liverpool but he said he had to go to Manchester so ended up on the train, which in it’s self was stressful.
Has I had to rush for my train and get some thing to eat.

Has it turned out I didn’t need to rush has i got in to Liverpool an hour early, so in the end i didn’t need to worry.
I had a walk round some shops and then heading to starbucks and waited for the  girls to join me.

Midnight met me first and then ally later on, we had a walk round some more shops and then went for chinese and we had the most random chat…but then again we always do.

Afterwards we went back to Allys and chilled thats why this is so late being posted.

I Do feel sad because it’s a quick visit but not long till scotland


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